Seeking Fulfillment

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One of the things that most lawyers are looking for is fulfillment.

Based on the number of people whose careers are spent helping lawyers leave the legal profession, it’s probably fair to assume that most lawyers these days aren’t feeling fulfilled. Which is a huge shame.

There are so many bright, talented people who choose to practice law. Somehow, so many of them end up feeling unworthy, incompetent, and questioning their choices.

And that’s why what we’re about to launch (keep on reading) is so important to me.

We know that so many lawyers feel like they’re lacking control, that they’re trapped, and that they’re not feeling fulfilled. That’s not what they want. But for many, that’s the status quo.

When you have your own clients, that usually means more control, more freedom, and greater financial rewards. And if you play your cards right, also more fulfillment. But the age old question is - how the heck do you go from A to B?

I’ve heard it all. And for a while (far longer than I care to admit), I believed the myths.

The ‘just be patient’. The ‘keep your head down and do good work’. The ‘keep your thoughts to yourself’. Shockingly, none of those worked. In fact, they did the opposite.

So when Dhawal and I launched Build Your Book last year, it was because of my frustration with the current business development training for lawyers. And it was also about the adverse impact that it was having on so many people who deserved so much better.

What I wished I had was a roadmap. A path for success. Something based on science - not just what some people from a different generation did that happened to work for them.

So we launched our cohorts and they went great. For some people, it was legitimately life changing (which was incredible to see). For others, it meant they found a whole new level of confidence and built a new set of skills. It’s been amazing (and dare I say, incredibly fulfilling) watching our participants take these lessons and apply them so successfully.

But one thing that Dhawal and I kept coming back to is time.

For most people, the idea of an 8-week cohort (which is what we’ve been running) was just too much to commit to. After months of tinkering behind the scenes, we’re ready to launch the next iteration of Build Your Book.

It’s more accessible, more affordable, and most importantly - way less of a time commitment–only 2 weeks for this upcoming cohort. But without sacrificing on what made our previous cohorts so valuable.

The 8-week cohorts will still exist - but now they won’t be the only thing.

Our first mini-cohort - on Breakthrough Lawyer Branding - goes live in April. All the details are here. If this even remotely seems like the right thing for you, consider applying.

And like every course we run at Build Your Book, there’s a 100% money back guarantee. Just like you offer your clients, right ;)