We are a different type of lawyer. We exist all over the world. We are at firms large and small. We are committed to building our practice on our terms.

We recognize that there are many parts of how things are done which are broken. But we are committed to changing it from the inside out.

Being authentic means bringing our full selves at work. It means giving ourselves the respect to ask ourselves what we want to create in our practice and in our lives.

It means embracing an abundance mindset. We hold in our minds a vision of what we want to create, and propel ourselves forward.

We believe that small droplets can carve mountains. We reject the dogma of the day that promises overnight success. We believe in creating small wins and successes everyday in the direction of our intentions.

But that is the joy of our work. We deal with others with honestly, fairly, and with integrity and ask others to do the same. We find opportunities for others and share generously. We are super-connectors.

We believe in sharing our stories. We believe in honing our edge and doing our best work.

We believe that (just like this manifesto), our career is a Work-in-Progress. But everyday, we get better incrementally and help others do the same.

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