What Lawyers can Learn from The Matrix

Note: There will be some spoilers in this article. But then again, this movie came out 20+ years ago. So, watch it this weekend maybe.

The world often sees lawyers as Agent Smith, a stiff suited up machine in the system. Some lawyers believe this as well.

But actually, you’re Neo.

If you’ve ever seen The Matrix (protip: skip the sequel from last year), you’ll know who he is. I believe lawyers have a lot to learn from both the movie and its main character.

By day, he’s Thomas Anderson, a coder at a large multinational corporation. By night, he’s Neo, hacker extraordinaire, someone who questions the way the system works.

The line between being Thomas Anderson and Neo comes down to a single choice: choosing between the red pill or the blue pill.

Thomas Anderson has felt that something was “off” in his world. He’s felt it for a long time.

Keep your head down, do the work, wait your turn. One day, when “they” believe you’re worthy, you’ll ascend. You’ll then become partner. You’ll then get that client if you wait long enough for your turn. You’ll be noticed at your firm. Just grind it out. That’s the blue pill.

The red pill is about choosing to look at the world truthfully. To go deep into the rabbit hole and see how the machine actually works, and choosing yourself.

Neo of course chooses the red pill. It turns his world upside down, but he’s better off for it. But even after seeing the truth for what it is, he cannot accept the fact that he’s “The One.” The person who is meant to help others become free. But when he finally realizes it by the end of the movie, the machine no longer phases him. He is no longer competing. He’s playing his own game.

But most people oscillate between the blue and the red pills.

You might have been mucking around in the terrain of your career for years, feeling tired and out of control. That’s when you know it’s time to take the red pill.

Taking the red pill can free you. It gives you control over your life, work, and career. It helps you eventually be your own category, devoid of competition. You become “The One.” Whether you’re at a large firm or a small firm, the red pill gives you power.

Today, I hope you choose the red pill. I hope you learn to see yourself as Neo. I also hope you choose to question the myths of the profession, and find an easier way to get control.

That’s what Aaron and I have been doing. Perhaps we’re like Morpheus. We’re here to show you the door, but then you have to walk through it.

That’s the promise of our new course. It’s the red pill choice to start taking control over your career.

It’s a 2 week course, with 8+ hours of live instruction, in an intensely hands-on workshop format, and constant support in between the two weeks. It comes with frameworks, scripts, and tools you need to unearth your own unique brand and act upon it.

We call it, Breakthrough Lawyer Branding.

Now, this isn’t about figuring out some silly catchy slogan. In a sea of sameness, it’s about finding out how to stand apart and be uniquely you. Discovering and using your unique brand is how you stand out in front of clients, get noticed at your firm, fuel your online content ideas, and boosts your confidence.

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We hope to see you inside.

Just follow the white rabbit ;)


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