4 Mantras that Gave Me Confidence & Focus to Start My Own Law Firm

I created this post-it in 2018 when I was devastated that I didn’t win a particular award 🤦‍♀️ I felt rejected, not good enough, and needed to focus. I was trying to convince myself that I didn’t need any external awards to accomplish what I wanted to do (I was right).

I still have this post-it on my nightstand. It keeps me focused on my goals and objectives, + pushes me to keep working hard.

👑 1️⃣ VALIDATE YOURSELF. Self-validation is what allows you to accomplish your dreams. You have to believe in yourself and your vision. All that matters is that you are accomplishing the goals and journey you feel called to do - not what others think about them.

👑 2️⃣ BEGINNER’S MIND By having a beginner’s mind, you are never afraid to try new things + ask difficult questions, which are critical to business growth.

👑 3️⃣ TAKE THE TICKET. When you are accomplishing more than you have ever imagined, sometimes you should just “take the ticket” + be willing to receive. We can be our own worst enemies - talking ourselves out of good opportunities, or thinking we aren’t deserving of something. If a good opportunity presents itself to you, don’t talk yourself out of it - step up to the plate + receive it. You do deserve success + fulfillment. You deserve the best of what the world has to offer.

👑 4️⃣ PASS THE TEST. We all want to rise to the next level and achieve success in our lives. But before you can get to the next level, you need to pass the tests right in front of you. You need to master the level you are at to get to the next step.

This guest post above is by Katie Lipp, the Founder & CEO of Law Practice Queen, where she coaches female lawyers on business development, to achieve more power, flexibility, and control in their lives. Katie also runs her law firm, Lipp Law, in the Washington DC metro area. To stay connected with Law Practice Queen, check out their monthly newsletter with business development tips for lawyers.

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