Thinking, Fast and Slow

What system of thinking do you operate at?

Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel Prize in helping us understand that we have two systems of thinking.

System 1: It’s fast, emotion driven, instinctive. System 2: Slow, deliberate, methodical.

Of course System 1 rules us most of the time. But in case you didn’t notice, it rules your clients as well. Yes, even the business owner, or the CEO.

This has startling implications for building your practice.

On one hand, this means that you cannot rely on gut reactions and feelings to work with clients. It requires skill and finesse. It requires deliberate practice. It requires systems and frameworks.

You cannot just “shoot from the hips” to get that client to work with you. You cannot just “hope” for the other person to take the next steps. You cannot fool yourself into saying, “I’m already good with people” if your results don’t really bear fruit (a common cognitive bias).

The only way to deal with your System 1 thinking is to rely more on System 2.

Of course on the other hand, you need to satisfy both systems for your client.

You need to connect with them at a real human level. You need to satisfy their true emotional needs behind them coming to you. Yes, with the right deliberate process, you can unearth this. You need to, in other words, be authentic so they can trust and respect you.

But it’s not enough to say “authentic” and leave it at that. Authentic is a system, it’s a framework. It’s deliberately crafted.

Do you engage both systems in building your practice? Guiding your associates? How do you do it?

Being deliberate is what we’re all about. Whether it be running a client meeting with deliberate intent, or catching up with a friend.

The first and last skill we teach (through actual application in the form of case studies, real conversations, etc) is how to be deliberate in your human interaction.

This skill alone pays for the cost of our 8 week cohort for many people. Sign up for the January 2022 Authentic Business Builder cohorts with the 2-3 spots left if you’d like to start being deliberate in the new year.