The Line Between Pest And Persistent

There’s a fine line between being a pest and being persistent.

You are much further away from it than you think. Most of you are very far away from being a pest.

People are coming back from the holidays. Now is the time to pick up the phone, draft up that email, and reach out again.

For the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th time if needed (especially if you never got a response back!). Data shows that nowadays, it takes up to 5 emails to get a response in some industries.

In other words, you’re not being a pest by following up.

Pests are those people who:

  • are self-serving in each message.
  • care nothing about contributing to the other person.
  • only care about their own agenda.
  • don’t show any empathy.
  • have forgotten key details from previous conversations
  • never even tried to understand the other person at a personal level in previous conversations.

Ironically, this seems to be the laundry list of most law firm client presentations. No wonder they have such a low hit rate or effectiveness.

For those with a pest mindset, this year will be harder than ever before.

Focus on contribution, on creating value for others. For those who are persistent in the right way, this year will reward them richly.

We are running a webinar titled Designing Your BD Gameplan for 2022 tomorrow. It’s free and it’s meant to be fast paced and practical. I hope it helps!

Talking about persistence, it would be out of place if I didn’t mention the Authentic Business Builder course. We’re starting it up later on this month. We know it makes a huge difference and that’s why we persistently bring it up. So if you’d like to be a lot more deliberate about how you build and grow your practice, now is the time to invest in this program.