Someday Oneday Today

Which word do you use to describe your dream practice?

Someday is the most vague and ambiguous. It implies no timeline, no plan, and little confidence.

“Someday, I should sit down and figure out how to do this branding thing right.”

Someday is something you use for the undefined. It is followed by “should”, which implies a rule you’re forcing yourself to follow.

Oneday is a bit better.

“One day, I will figure out how to write better.”

At least with something like that, you are no longer should-ing on yourself. There is less pressure, and more purpose.

Unfortunately, there is no day called Someday or Oneday in any calendar known to man.

You have today. This month. This year.

Decide to do something today (or a specific day). Don’t delegate it to someday or oneday.

Your work is too important to leave to an unknown future.

Perhaps today is the day you decide to make a decision on joining the Authentic Business Builder. It’s a great way to start the new year.

You will have no excuses to hide behind anymore.

Including the “I have too much going on already” (of unsatisfying work–something you’re leaving out if you’re behind honest with yourself).

No more excuses. Get a real in-depth look at what you want to create, and start building the skills to brand and develop your practice to make it happen. It’s our flagship course and it makes a real difference. In fact, most people recoup their investment during the 8 weeks itself.

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