💊 pills And Potions🧪

Most people are looking for pills and potions for their issues.

Let me take a quick diversion to the world of healthcare.

According to the most rigorous analysis of risk factors ever published—the Global Burden of Disease Study—the number one cause of death in the United States, and the number one cause of disability, is our diet, which has bumped tobacco smoking to number two.

What we eat is the number one determinant of how long we live. What we eat is what determines most whether we’ll die prematurely. What we eat is what determines most whether we become disabled or not.

Unfortunately, most doctors are just never taught about the impact healthy nutrition can have on the course of illness, and so, they graduate without this powerful tool in their medical toolbox.

Back in 1980, less than a quarter of medical schools required a single course on nutrition. Today… only a quarter of medical schools require a single course on nutrition.

Out of this small group, doctors get about 24 hours of nutrition on average, with most getting only 11 to 20On average, out of thousands of hours of preclinical instruction. (source)

It certainly wasn’t in my wife’s or my brother-in-law’s medical education.

This is mind boggling!

It’s no wonder that most people rely on pills and potions. Stand at any check-out counter, and you will see covers that promise you that you can lose 10 lbs in 30 days! Doctors are ill informed (pun fully intended) about this topic themselves and don’t really have the time to counsel people about this either.

Back to the practice of law.

Most lawyers (not our loyal readers of course!) will continue seeking the pill. The shortcut. Quick hacks to build your practice perfectly–now!

Much of the content out there–the skinny detox teas of the Biz Dev training world–are also focused on these quick hacks.

Investing in your health takes conscious effort, but the results are far more satisfying and long lasting.

Similarly, investing in building your practice authentically takes conscious intention. But the rewards are far more satisfying. There’s a reason why our Authentic Business Builder is 8 weeks long and not focused on “quick hacks” (even though almost everyone recoups the cost of their investment in our course during the course itself).

We’re in the business of selling lasting change, positive habits, and a different look at the world. Of course the skills to get included are part of the course as well.

In this new year, choose to invest in making lasting change…both in your diet and your practice.

If you’re much more interested in an Evidence Based approach to health, check out this incredible talk with sources aplenty by Dr. Michael Greger MD FACLM: Preventing & Treating the Most Dreaded Diseases with Diet.

This is the last week to register for the Authentic Business Builder course starting this coming weekend. If you’ve been delaying it, do it now.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

What system of thinking do you operate at?

Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel Prize in helping us understand that we have two systems of thinking.

System 1: It’s fast, emotion driven, instinctive. System 2: Slow, deliberate, methodical.

Of course System 1 rules us most of the time. But in case you didn’t notice, it rules your clients as well. Yes, even the business owner, or the CEO.

This has startling implications for building your practice.

On one hand, this means that you cannot rely on gut reactions and feelings to work with clients. It requires skill and finesse. It requires deliberate practice. It requires systems and frameworks.

You cannot just “shoot from the hips” to get that client to work with you. You cannot just “hope” for the other person to take the next steps. You cannot fool yourself into saying, “I’m already good with people” if your results don’t really bear fruit (a common cognitive bias).

The only way to deal with your System 1 thinking is to rely more on System 2.

Of course on the other hand, you need to satisfy both systems for your client.

You need to connect with them at a real human level. You need to satisfy their true emotional needs behind them coming to you. Yes, with the right deliberate process, you can unearth this. You need to, in other words, be authentic so they can trust and respect you.

But it’s not enough to say “authentic” and leave it at that. Authentic is a system, it’s a framework. It’s deliberately crafted.

Do you engage both systems in building your practice? Guiding your associates? How do you do it?

Being deliberate is what we’re all about. Whether it be running a client meeting with deliberate intent, or catching up with a friend.

The first and last skill we teach (through actual application in the form of case studies, real conversations, etc) is how to be deliberate in your human interaction.

This skill alone pays for the cost of our 8 week cohort for many people. Sign up for the January 2022 Authentic Business Builder cohorts with the 2-3 spots left if you’d like to start being deliberate in the new year.

The Line Between Pest And Persistent

There’s a fine line between being a pest and being persistent.

You are much further away from it than you think. Most of you are very far away from being a pest.

People are coming back from the holidays. Now is the time to pick up the phone, draft up that email, and reach out again.

For the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th time if needed (especially if you never got a response back!). Data shows that nowadays, it takes up to 5 emails to get a response in some industries.

In other words, you’re not being a pest by following up.

Pests are those people who:

  • are self-serving in each message.
  • care nothing about contributing to the other person.
  • only care about their own agenda.
  • don’t show any empathy.
  • have forgotten key details from previous conversations
  • never even tried to understand the other person at a personal level in previous conversations.

Ironically, this seems to be the laundry list of most law firm client presentations. No wonder they have such a low hit rate or effectiveness.

For those with a pest mindset, this year will be harder than ever before.

Focus on contribution, on creating value for others. For those who are persistent in the right way, this year will reward them richly.

We are running a webinar titled Designing Your BD Gameplan for 2022 tomorrow. It’s free and it’s meant to be fast paced and practical. I hope it helps!

Talking about persistence, it would be out of place if I didn’t mention the Authentic Business Builder course. We’re starting it up later on this month. We know it makes a huge difference and that’s why we persistently bring it up. So if you’d like to be a lot more deliberate about how you build and grow your practice, now is the time to invest in this program.

Lawyer As Artist

Whether you know it or not, you are a creative.

It’s unfortunate that most lawyers and service professionals don’t see themselves as one. They are missing out on one of the most helpful mental constructs to help them in their career.

Being a creative is about filling an empty canvas or an empty page with something. This can be terrifying for many.

Lately, we have had many of you reach out to us feeling stuck in their career. For the first time (or perhaps for yet another time), you are being asked to put a paintbrush on an empty canvas.

You come to us unsure of that first stroke. Will it be the right move in the coming year or not?

You might not know what to fill the canvas with, but it certainly helps to have the right paintbrushes, the right colors by your stand. It also helps to have many blank canvases to fill it with something. Just in case the first one is a bit of a mess.

What does it mean to have that in your career? As the year comes to a close, you have time to reflect. So reflect first on what gives your career creative freedom. What lets you mix paints, try out different paint styles and brushstrokes on a canvas.

For many of you, that will mean having a growing book of business (of the right kind of course!). This gives you career freedom, portability, independence and so much more.

Whatever that is, figure it out and invest in it for the coming year.

May this new year bring you tremendous vibrant colors that astonish you!

The Authentic Business Builder is not just a business development workshop. It starts with the word Authentic. So we also spend time getting in touch with your inner voice to figure out what you want to put on the canvas, as well as arming you with all the paint and brushes you need to get going with your journey.

Consider applying and joining the January cohort to start off the year right and start the year strong. And if that’s too much of a commitment, there’s always the 12 in 12 Challenge.

Someday Oneday Today

Which word do you use to describe your dream practice?

Someday is the most vague and ambiguous. It implies no timeline, no plan, and little confidence.

“Someday, I should sit down and figure out how to do this branding thing right.”

Someday is something you use for the undefined. It is followed by “should”, which implies a rule you’re forcing yourself to follow.

Oneday is a bit better.

“One day, I will figure out how to write better.”

At least with something like that, you are no longer should-ing on yourself. There is less pressure, and more purpose.

Unfortunately, there is no day called Someday or Oneday in any calendar known to man.

You have today. This month. This year.

Decide to do something today (or a specific day). Don’t delegate it to someday or oneday.

Your work is too important to leave to an unknown future.

Perhaps today is the day you decide to make a decision on joining the Authentic Business Builder. It’s a great way to start the new year.

You will have no excuses to hide behind anymore.

Including the “I have too much going on already” (of unsatisfying work–something you’re leaving out if you’re behind honest with yourself).

No more excuses. Get a real in-depth look at what you want to create, and start building the skills to brand and develop your practice to make it happen. It’s our flagship course and it makes a real difference. In fact, most people recoup their investment during the 8 weeks itself.

Learn more and apply here before prices go up and spots get taken in the new year.